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What If...?


What if we finished listening to the other person without thinking about what we want to say?


What if we asked them to tell us more before assuming we understood everything?


What if we listened to their experience without automatically relating it to our own?


What if we could acknowledge hurtful behavior without continuing to suffer over it?


What if we focused more on what our part is in a difficult situation and less on what the other person is doing?


What if we looked for the talents in people instead of the flaws?


What if we went to work on what we can change instead of what we’re powerless over?


What if we decided to enjoy this beautiful day in spite of what other people are having, doing and saying?


What if we decide to be grateful for food on our table, heat in our homes, people and pets to love, freedom to choose what we want to do every day and the breath that sustains us and keeps us alive?


What if we considered this very moment a gift and chose to do something beautiful with it?

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